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This time it’s personal


Personalised greetings say a lot about the care your company takes. Clear greetings and good diction present a feel of quality, and the right voice can offer useful information in an engaging way whilst clients are on hold.


Squirrel Telecom has a dedicated voice studio where personalised messages can be created with a voice chosen from our list. Click on this link to log in and see how it works. Create a username and password (there’s no cost at this stage) and you’ll be able to listen to the voices we have available. You’ll be invited to choose which one you would prefer to have as part of your company image and brand before going on the create a message for that voice to record – unique to your company.


Remember: First impressions count, and this recorded message might be the first time potential clients hear a voice they associate with your company. That’s why it’s so important to get it right.