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The Squirrel App

where mobile and deskphone come together

A key feature of the Squirrel Telecom product range is our versatile smartphone app that puts the benefits of a deskphone into your pocket or bag.


Loaded onto your existing mobile it makes the mobile two phones in one – not only is it still your personal mobile, but you can use it to also and receive calls on your Squirrel Telecom number.

You can use it wherever there’s reliable WiFi – home, office, café, pub, station concourse, or in your 3G or 4G package* – without disclosing your mobile number, so work and home can be kept separate.


The feature-rich Squirrel Telecom app means you can make conference calls, avoid the cost of transferring calls that some networks make you pay, re-route calls back to the office, and even record calls, if you’ve taken our call recording option too.


We think our app has so much to offer that it could end up being your phone of choice, and you’ll use it more than your mobile and desktop combined!

The Squirrel App advantage


Sitting at home, the owner of a large haulage company can contact any of his drivers without giving away his home or mobile number. That means he won’t be disturbed if he doesn’t want to be disturbed – but he can still call anyone he needs at any time, because the office phone is in his pocket thanks to the Squirrel app.


*make sure it’s cost effective on 3G ad 4G.


• HD Audio Quality

• Call Transfer & Conferencing

• Voicemail